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  • ADA Document Center : ADA statute, regulations, accessibility guidelines, federally reviewed tech sheets, and other assistance documents
  • ADA Small Business Information Answer Center : Provides information, materials, and technical assistance to individuals and entities covered by the ADA.
  • Adaptive Environments Center: Provides information on the National Access for Public Schools Project, funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research to help public schools implement the ADA.
  • Books on the ADA: a brief bibliography
  • U.S. Department of Justice ADA page: The ADA gives the DOJ authority to issue regulations for title II and III of the ADA and to provide technical assistance and enforcement. DOJ also has authority to certify that a State or local accessibility code is equivalent to the ADA's requirements for new construction and alterations.

US Congress :

Illinois :

    Illinois General Assembly: If you do not know who your Senator or Representative is, call 217/782 4141 (State Board of Elections); they can tell you and connect you directly to his/her office. Call 217/782 2000 and ask for your Senator or Representative. For information about the status of any bill, call 217/782 3356 (Legislative Information Systems' Automated Bill Inquiry; a real person with computer access will answer.).

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