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Home Modification — General Information

GO American Occupational Therapy Association
"Tips for Living" section on site including a fact sheet on Modifying Your Home for Independence. For more details, call 1-888-487-4682.

GO Able Data
Able Data is a rich information source including a database containing thousands of available assistive technology products. For more details, call 800-227-0216.

GO Infinitec
Infinitec, Inc is sponsored by United Cerebral Palsy Association. The mission of Infinitec is to advance independence and promote inclusive opportunities for children and adults with disabilities through technology. For more information, call 312-368-0380.

GO Lifecenter
The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) hosts a consumer resource center which provides information about support groups, classes, government programs, vendors of disability-oriented products/services, and disability-specific organizations, are also included in their collection to connect people with resources that span key topics of life, and also virtual access to its resource collection through a web site. For details, call 312-238-LIFE.

GO Illinois Assistive Technology Project
The Illinois Assistive Technology Project helps you find the right technology that lets you learn, work and play with greater independence. For details, call 1800-852-5110.

GO National Rehabilitation Information Center
NARIC is a library and information center focusing on disability and rehabilitation research. For more details, call 1800-346-2742.

National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification
The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification works closely with groups involved in supportive housing and home modification and National Advisory Committee to accomplish four objectives that are to provide: Policy, Analysis, Training and Education. For more information call 213-740-1364.

Home Modification — Home-assessment Tools

There are several ways to make a home more accessible to a person in a wheelchair. Some options to consider include: altering an existing floor plan, building an addition, converting existing rooms, or buying a new home. You might want to use these tools in the process of applying for funding, to figure out how much work you need done.

GO Home-assessment form
Designed to assist therapists in making recommendations for home modifications.

GO Planning guidelines for modification projects
Advice from an occupational therapist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

GO Safety checklist and assessment instrument
Resources for safety assessment of the home, from the National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Modifications.

GO Comprehensive Assessment and Solution Process for Aging Residents
From Extended Home Living Services.

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