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Home Modification Resource Collaboration Project

The Council for Disability Rights has been awarded funding through the U.S. Department of Labor to develop a Home Modification Resource Collaboration project (HMRC). The primary purpose of which is to alleviate physical barriers in the homes of people with disabilities.

As you are aware, the unemployment rate among people with disabilities continues to be unacceptably high. Many individuals have the desire and skills to work but barriers prevent them from securing suitable employment. One common obstacle to finding and keeping a job is the lack of accessible housing. Architectural features such as stairs and narrow doorways may make it impossible for someone to come and go from home independently. It is our expectation that by collaborating with dedicated and expert professionals we can eliminate some barriers in housing that will improve quality of life and enhance productivity.

The project will serve as a model for people with disabilities to achieve personal goals in employment and independence. It will also help in the prevention of homelessness and inappropriate institutionalization. The HMRC will serve as a cost-effective supplement to currently inadequate funding systems.

The primary goals of the (HMRC) Project are to:

  • Provide home modifications or adaptive equipment for a minimum of ten people with disabilities. Those selected for service will represent a variety of disabling conditions and cultural backgrounds.
  • Create a consortium of diverse organizations and individuals concerned about the issues that relate to home modifications.
  • Provide professional staff to access and alleviate physical barriers in the home.
  • Develop print and media products that will assist in information dissemination and marketing; create and maintain an online database of resources related to home modifications; create a low-cost low-tech home modification information exchange for adaptive equipment.
  • Identify and implement the resources which will allow the project to be self-sustaining.
  • Educate realtors in access issues and encourage them to develop a code or rating scale to indicate degrees of accessibility and use this in their listings.
  • Conduct public education activities to increase awareness of home modification resources and products of this project.

Resources :

READ Intake forms, procedures, and vendors

READ More information about home modification

WRITE For more information, contact Marie Walsh, Project Coordinator & MaryBeth Gahan, Resource Specialist.

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