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Now that I'm here . . . could you give me a hand?

Barrier: Some post offices are still not accessible — with exterior or interior steps, with counters that are too high (as in the cartoon), and with personnel who have not been trained.

Law: The US Postal Service must be accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

What can you do to help correct the problem? Because the US Postal Service wants its system to be more accessible, it has established Key Customer Advisory Councils as independent liaisons and partners in the open communications between the public and the US Postal Service. They want to receive your complaints about their system. Marching to the beat of their communities, the Councils have successfully initiated and implemented programs that have helped to improve service, to increase customer satisfaction, and to educate and inform the community. If you are interested in participating in a Customer Advisory Council in your community or need assistance regarding a service or mailing concern, contact Ms Marcia Trawinski, Chicago Postal CAC Executive Board, P O Box 7112, Chicago, IL 60680 7112.

When you visit the post office during the holiday season, you should keep a sharp eye out for lack of access. Then come home and re-read this article! If you need help with other resources, call us or contact some of the good resources listed below. Let us know how it progresses; we'll be happy to discuss the problem with you. And good luck!

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