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Inclusion: A Special Education Dilemma

Our open-captioned, hour-long video presents a roundtable discussion of the issue of bringing children with disabilities into general education classrooms. It is intended to be used to stimulate discussions on this very controversial topic.

The moderator, Dr. Quentin Young, is a nationally known physician advocate and former head of Cook County Hospital. The group of panelists comprises adults with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, special education administrators, attorneys, and advocates. As a group, they represent a range of visual, hearing, and physical disabilities.

Their differing views make for a lively discussion, in which two clearly defined positions on this issue emerge: Some believe that disabled children should receive support services in the general classroom and be educated with non-disabled students regardless of the nature and degree of the student's disability. Others believe that a spectrum of services in addition to the general classroom should be available to meet the specific educational needs of each child.

This video is an excellent tool for training, and will be of interest to college students who are studying special education, legislators, advocates, agencies that work with parents and children with disabilities, K-12 teachers in regular classrooms, and special ed professionals currently practicing in American schools.

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Getting a lift out of life

This video was produced by Mirko Popadic and C.W. Welch for CDR. The goal of this program in 1992 was to inform people with disabilities and the general public about accessible transportation in their neighborhoods.

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Getting things done: AmeriCorps

Getting Things Done was produced for AmeriCorps by CDR and Mir Productions, Inc. This video is a motivational program produced with the intention of encouraging individuals with disabilities to volunteer in the AmeriCorps program.

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